How will we find the villa?

A greeter will meet you when you get to St. John. The greeter will help you with the car rental (if requested) and show you to the villa.

Where is the best place to get groceries?

For those of you who rent a car on St. Thomas, it’s a good idea to stop at the K-mart for supplies in the TuTu shopping mall area on St. Thomas. They have the best prices for groceries, liquor, etc. I would recommend bringing some frozen meat down. The meat is very expensive and not the best quality. For fresh produce we go to the Starfish Market on St. John. You will drive by it daily on the way to the villa. There are a number of grocery stores on St. John.

Can we drink the tap water?  Where do we get drinking water and ice?

It is recommended to not drink the tap water.  It is rain water collected and stored in a tank below the villas.  The water is good for showering, but we don’t recommend drinking it.  The least expensive way to get fresh water for drinking/coffee, etc., is at St. John Ice Company near the bakery in the Lumber Yard building. You must bring your own containers.  The Lumber Yard building has no lumber, just retail stores, offices, and restaurants.  A gallon jug costs only 50 cents to fill and a 20lb bag of ice is only $4.00, so hang on to the empty water containers. We are encouraging everyone to leave their empty water jugs for the next guests.

Where should we go to dine?

We have an information book here at the villa with ideas for dining, shopping, tour excursions, etc. , but our favorite restaurants are Café Roma, The Lime Inn, Spyglass(say hello to Brent and Mona, our good friends) and Rhumb Lines, to name a few. We usually do not make reservations, but we are a small party.

How much is a taxi to the villa from Cruz Bay?

Taxis cost $6.00 per person to get from downtown to the villa. Our area is best known as the Upper Deck condos even though the current name is the Bethany Condos. Many of the cab drivers are familiar with the Upper Deck.

What should we bring (beach towels, coolers, hair dryers, etc)?

We have six beach towels here, as well as two irons, and two hair dryers. Also have some beach toys (football and frisbee), two coolers and 6 lawn chairs. A washer and dryer are on the north deck area.

What can we do for entertainment at night if we stay in?

There is cable television, but not too many channels. There is a DVD player and stereo. We are leaving a cable to connect the stereo to an i-pod, i-pad, or laptop and have a cable here to connect the tv to a laptop for Netflix, etc. Please leave the cables here. 🙂  There are some board games as well.

What beaches should we go to?

All the beaches are great, but it would be best to google to find out what beach would best suit your needs. Any of the beaches can be dangerous depending on the weather, but some are more mild than others, such as Maho and Francis Bay. We love Honeymoon, Dennis (both require a bit of hiking), or for no hiking, Hawksnest is great, good parking, great sand, etc. Also try Jumbie, very short hike, great small beach. Only 5, or 6 parking spots though.

What hiking trails should we go on?

There are great hiking trails all over the island. We have been too busy working down here to explore them much. Any input written in our guest book about the hiking would be helpful to all.

How much crime is on the island?

There is very little crime on the island.  You don’t need to worry about staying away from certain parts of it.  Just take normal precauctions as you would at home (ie. lock the doors).

Is there internet access?

There is internet access at the villa, very fast. No password. Look for Heavenly Villas. We also have a wireless printer here (cable also) for you to print out boarding passes, etc.

Where should we rent a car?

It is recommended that you reserve a Jeep prior to arrival. If you do decide to rent a car in St. Thomas, ask them what their procedure is if your car breaks down on St. John. Some of the car rental agencies do not come over to St. John or charge a fee if they need to.  If you want to rent on St. John, we recommend St. John Car Rental (340-776-6103) or Cool Breeze Car Rental (340-776-6588).

What else do we need to know?

Don’t forget to check out the large iguana (Elvis) just 50’ off the deck in the large trees. He is there daily basking in the sun, especially mornings. Also, help yourself to a lime in the tree just in front of the west side deck, small, but very juicy, great with a Corona, or margarita. (Seasonal).

Please feel free to give us input on what the villa may need to further enhance your vacation experience. Please remember that resources such as water and power are very precious and expensive on the island. Any conservation that you could do would be greatly appreciated.

The best advice we can give you is RELAX, you are now on island time.